Interview with Prue Chamberlayne


1. What is the Biographical Narrative Interpretive Method ?

2.  What type of questions do you ask to get narrative?

3. Why do you ask questions in the second session of the interview in the same order in which the narrator raised them in her initial narrative?


Prue Chamberlayne has held teaching and research posts at the University of East London and the Open University. She has extensive experience of teaching comparative social policy and of using biographical methods in research. Prue has co-authored and edited numerous books and articles, including Biography and Social Exclusion in Europe with Mike Rustin and Tom Wengraf and Biographical Methods and Professional Practice with Joanna Bornat and Ursula Apitzsch.  Prue is also an accomplished poet! We did our interview on Skype

4. Can you show me something of BNIM analysis in practice in transnational research?

5. What advice would you give to the novice BNIM interviewer?