Interview with Nigel Clark

In their Introduction to a wonderful Special Issue on Hospitality, in the journal Paragraph, the geographers Mustafa Dikec, Nigel Clark and Clive Barnett, approached hospitality as a giving of time and space. Why? How might philosophy help in day-to-day care? 

1. Can you explain about the approach to hospitality that you took in the special issue?


2. What did you take and weave together from the work of the philosophers Emanuel Levinas and Jacques Derrida on hospitality?

3. Explain more about the different forms of estrangement that you recognize, from migration to illness.

4. And what does all of this philosophy mean for care? 


Nigel Clark is Professor of Sustainability at the Lancaster Centre for Environment. Nigel, as you will hear, comes from New Zealand and taught Sociology at the University of Auckland. His work is about how physical forces, water, earth, fire, impact on human life, just as human life impacts on its environment. Nigel helped to organise a symposium entitled Giving Space, Taking Time that was  the basis for the Special Issue of the journal Paragraph on hospitality that we talked about in our interview. Nigel's book 'Inhuman Nature' is a cracking read if you want to know more about his work.