Interview with Natalie Evans

1. You have done a systematic review of the literatures on end of life care and minority ethnic groups and on cultural competence. What are the main findings of the literature on ethnicity and palliative care?

2. On the theme of communication and awareness of palliative care

3. What is cultural competence and could you describe the main approaches that you found?

4.  What are the challenges for palliative care in providing equitable and culturally responsive care?


Natalie Evans is a Marie Curie PhD training fellow at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Her  PhD research is on “Patient-Physician Communication in End-of-Life Care: Similarities and Differences across Europe”. Previously she worked as a Research Fellow at CRESIB, Barcelona on the PRISMA work package on cultural issues in end-of-life care. At CRESIB Natalie did some interesting systematic reviews, that included implications for policy recommendations, primary research on ethnicity and palliative care in the UK, and on cultural competence.
Natalie and I were finding it difficult to schedule an interview so her husband, Christopher Pell, stepped in and asked my questions. Not entirely random, Christopher has co-authored a paper on end of life care in sub-Sarahan Africa. What a team!