Interview with Hiranthi Jayaweera


1. What are the main themes in the literature in migration and health?

2.  Can you explain what the healthy migrant effect is?

3.  What are the methodological challenges?

4. What are the issues that service providers are coming across in relation to migrants and health?


Hiranthi Jayaweera is a Senior Researcher at COMPAS, working mainly on projects in the Welfare, and Urban Change and Settlement clusters. She has a particular research interest in migration and health, and the integration of migrants.

Hiranthi has a DPhil in Sociology and has researched, taught and written about issues related to social divisions, particularly gender and ethnic divisions in the UK.

Before working at COMPAS she was a researcher at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford. Her work focused on barriers to care for low income childbearing women, and included analysing data on ethnic minority families in the Millennium Cohort Study. 

Hiranthi's relevant key publications 

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