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'Dying Creatively' was an exhibition of patient art by St Christopher's Hospice at Goldsmiths College (18 November - 2 December 2013)

This project brought together patients who visit St Christopher’s Hospices over a period of two months during the summer of 2013. Groups came together daily and our aim was to create seven large pieces of art.  The transient nature of the patient population meant that groups were ever changing, and many people have been involved in the collaboration.

The groups focussed on using paint, text and collage. Our discussions centred on:

·       living in the summertime

·       the world we live in

·       living with serious illness 

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Some groups decided on creating a defined image. Other groups began painting and let the process unfold. We explored patterning, layering of textures, celebration of colours and images, metaphors, figures, landscapes and text.

Many people enjoyed the challenge of expressing freely while acknowledging they were part of a collective process where negotiation, compromise and generosity were needed. The results display a celebration of life with all of its turbulence, detail, depth and variety.

Image Marina Silva

Image Marina Silva